If you want to increase the amount of blood, "its great,

Rice has contained more polyphenols and anthocyanins.
There are a lot more than blueberries. Are stairs for them, blood volume I'm missing?
"Its great, I recommend if you want to increase the amount of blood.

"Rice is a 1996 Shanghai excellent invention award, 1999, National Institute
Awarded the science and technology progress award. In 1995, has been approved in Japan forestry and production awards.

"Rice is a special extract all ingredients-rice starch
Increase the absorption rate of the bioactive substances of nutritional value indicators 20 times or more higher than the normal rice
It is a health food supplement. In fact, used as a dietary therapy AIDS treatment.
For example, as an adjunct of the iron deficiency anemia (3 g / day), preventive medicine (1-2 g per day),
Mineral and living active material aid (1 to 2 g per day) is.

Many minerals (Fe,CA,Zn,P,MN,CU,Such as MO),
Vitamin B will include County, dietary fiber and bioactive substances.